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About Me

I am Elizabeth Husom, and have close to 20 years of experience in Business Communications and PR, and almost 15 years of experience in Career Development, working for other companies, teaching college, and owning Words Matter, a small business dedicated to helping small businesses and job seekers find their niche, succeed and stand out. Writing, editing, and discovering possibilities and options are some of my top strengths. Clifton StrengthsFinder ( a book I highly recommend), lists my top strength as Individualization. This states,  "People with the strength of Individualization see each person as one of a kind. They are intrigued by the unique qualities of each person. They tend to have a natural ability to discover uniqueness or hidden talents without the need for an assessment or other tool." You have skills, strengths, and are unlike anyone else. I can help you discover this and transfer it to success, new careers, and better business.

I will do what YOU need, and offer affordable solutions to fit you best. Want a little help? Call me. Need someone to serve as your right hand partner on a short or long term project? Call me. Need someone to completely take over something? Call me. Want to meet in person? Let's. Do everything via telephone and Internet? Sounds perfect. Because of this, I work with people and companies from my home state of Minnesota, as well as locations throughout the US.

In addition to serving customers of all backgrounds, I received a BS in Psychology and English, a MBC (Master of Business Communications) Certificate, and most recently earned a GCDF (Global Career Development Facilitator) certificate.  After having my son Andrew in 2011, I left the Minneapolis WorkForce Center where I served as a WorkForce Development Professional. I re-started Words Matter, a company I had created in the mid-2000s, so I could enjoy the flexibility a day job couldn't offer. Currently, I operate Words Matter from my home. I normally meet  local customers at my house or a local coffee shop. Thanks to our digital age, I also meet with people online and via phone. We video chat if they prefer. Again; it's what you want to do.

When not working, I spend a lot of time losing to Andrew at baseball and basketball, getting 15k steps a day on the Apple Watch, and volunteer at several places, including my church.