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Resume Writing $200


I've created 1000s of resumes--from entry level to CEO levels. Resumes are fluid documents. They need to show what You can do for a company.

Cover Letters $30


Do you still need a cover letter? Most of the time-the answer is Yes. A cover letter is a PR tool that paints a clear picture of how you'll fit.

LinkedIn Profiles $50


LinkedIn is the place to showcase yourself to employers, and needs to be written well.. It's the #1 job board. I'm often recruited via my LinkedIn profile. 

Strengths Finder $50


People love and excel at jobs when they use their personal strengths. We're all different; I help find how you stand out from the crowd, and how this translates to successful and fulfilling employment. 

Job Help $30/hour


There are over 8,000 types of positions; you can excel at many. I ask a ton of questions, and give fantastic advice and ideas what to pursue and how to perform a successful search. I'll help as much as YOU need; even finding fitting, hidden companies and jobs,. 

Why Words Matter?


I meet with clients across the US in person and via phone. I offer  fresh, personalized ideas you can't find on Google and may have never considered. Don't limit yourself.