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Editing Current Material


Sound as awesome as you are. I proofread, edit, and re-write marketing pieces and professional documents for small businesses of all types.

Marketing and PR


Successful businesses have a clear brand, niche, and speak to the right customer base. There are fantastic ways to do this-many cost very little. 

Social Media


Like it or not, social media is here to stay.. You can thrive or die by great or bad social media. Yet, business owners have neither the time nor $1000s to pay a firm to run Facebook, Twitter, and more. Have no fear; Words Matter is here! I provide awesome, customized help at a fraction of the price most services charge..


Use Words Matter for your writing partner, and spend time working where you excel.

Have a story to tell? Let Words Matter write business documents, marketing material, websites, client pieces are more; anything you need.



Successful blogs can be a game change for businesses of all types. Words Matter makes a great ghostwriter, starting and running blogs for companies.


I have passion and WANT to help. Prices range from $30/hour to a set fee you can afford.

Prices are either $30/hour or on a per-project basis. Affordable prices and high-level services.